We don’t know a Phoebe, so it’s just us Two Friends. After spending too much time lamenting the lack of an independent bookstore in town, we resolved to launch our own, in the form of a pop-up. We think coffee and books, and books and records, make great pairs. So, we're partnering with Onyx Coffee and Block Street Records to create a series of tiny shops -- check our events page for the next dates!

To stock the shelves, we curated a selection of new books from amazing authors and publishers we love, picked through the libraries of local literati, and asked loved ones to share their favorite books with us. Block Street Records is supplying the vinyl.

And just like that, we have a [temporary] bookstore in town!



Thursday, May 24th 5-9pm

Friday & Saturday, May 25th-26th 9am-9pm

Sunday, May 26th 10am-7pm